Evolution of a Stomp Box (Part 3)

After a lot of searching and experimentation I found the switch for the job. A heavy duty microswitch made by an Italian company called Pizzato. It's a changeover switch with a very short travel before making contact.

I mounted it with a couple of brackets and an aluminium plate onto my latest incarnation of the stomp box.

This is the first stomp box that could arguably be used for a performance. It has the circuit board from the previous "cigar box" installed in it. I did away with the rotary switching in favour of a simpler configuration where 4 voices would trigger only on the down stroke and the other 4 voices would trigger only on the up stroke. I can assign the same drum sound to 2 different triggers on the DM6 if I want it for both up and down actions. The footswitches are again arranged for heel and toe, but I found the configuration too awkward and my heel kept hitting the toggle switches. This box needs a little re-engineering.

This is a much improved version of the stomp box. I've done away with the heel switches because I find that 4 toe switches are easier to play. I've moved the up/down selector switches right to the back and changed the toggle switches to rotary types. Mainly because I like chicken-head knobs. I also attached a length of wood to stop my feet from slipping off the box whilst playing. You may notice additional switches on the 2 control panels. That's because this version is a hybrid that allows the circuit board to be by-passed and connect 2 of the footswitches directly to the Kick and Hi-hat triggers.